Originally from Tiptree, near Colchester in Essex, I graduated from Plymouth College of Art (PCA) in 2013. During this time I found my passion for ceramics, even though I chose the college for their glass and metal facilities as this is what I initially wanted to study. There was a 2 week project called ‘Repeat Forms’ and the light bulb flicked on. Being able to wrap a shape around an object multiple times to create a pattern; the possibilities were endless to what I could do with one shape. Developing my ideas in the form of paper maquettes, seeing if they work well in paper and then moving on to white stoneware. During my final year at PCA we had the choice of taking a project we had done in the past and developing it further for our Final Major Project to show at our Summer Show. This is the year where I developed my ideas and process of applying the disks and experimenting with colour and pattern. At PCA we were lucky to have 2 established ceramic artists, Chris Taylor and Keith Harrison, who gave us advice and tutorials to assist us during our final year.


Since leaving college I was making my pieces on a small 60cm square table in my living room, then transporting my pieces that were ready to be bisque fired or glazed to Ocean Studios on Royal William Yard where I have a membership there. Ocean Studios is a creative arts facility based in Plymouth which has various specialist workshops such as jewellery and ceramics. They have a lovely bakery called Column Bakery that sells delicious baked goods. Several times a year they hold Artists Markets where local artists sell to the public. The wonderful Tweeny and Bev run the Pottery and are so helpful and knowledgeable when I have any ceramic questions.


I bought a shed back in April 2019 which is now my permanent studio space. Having a designated place to make has been brilliant to help focus and block out distractions. By the desk I have 4 windows that let in plenty of natural light and that over look the garden which is full of beautiful flowers in the spring and summer months. I’m still using the kiln at Ocean Studios. My choice of clay is still porcelain but I am testing out pre-coloured porcelain slip from Scarva Pottery in Ireland. So far the final pieces are looking promising so I may use them for future collections.


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I accept commissions please email me at hello@ruthharrisonceramics.com to discuss this further.