I am trying to be more eco-friendly in my business. Using recyclable materials, minimal amount or zero plastic, reusing packaging materials I have collected or been given from family and friends. Using these materials in my packaging to help reduce the amount of waste.
I have invested in a Geami WrapPak. It consists of 2 rolls of paper material. One is a die-cut kraft paper and the other is a white tissue. Both fully recyclable and eco-friendly. I wrap the product in the white tissue paper first to protect the piece from scratches and dirt, then pull the brown kraft paper to expand the 3D honeycomb structure, wrapping the piece in a few layers of this. Because of the 3D honeycomb structure there is no need for tape as the 3D structure grips to itself.
I then slide the wrapped piece in to a hand cut postal tube of various diameters and lengths depending on the size of the product. But also making sure the piece is snug enough that it can't wiggle around but so it can still be removed from the tube without force. I then place one of my logo stickers to the tube.
I use biodegradable and compostable peanuts as void fill in boxes that I send in the post. The tube is surrounded with these peanuts to absorb any bumps or shocks. 
I then seal the box with paper tape and affix a couple of 'fragile' and 'handle with care' stickers to the sides and top of the box. I always send my packages tracked and signed for via Royal Mail which I give to the customer to track. Also for peace of mind. 
I love seeing where my ceramics end up. Please don't be afraid of tagging my business on Instagram '@ruthharrisonceramics' or Facebook 'Ruth Harrison Ceramics' or sending me photos via DM or email.